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We love to hear from our patients and appreciate them taking the time to provide us with feedback about their experience. We value this information and strive to provide our patients with a compassionate and caring experience at every visit.

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Ever since December 2014 I had a rapid onset of difficulty standing. This progressed until I started to use a cane. I saw a doctor who referred me to a back surgeon and had surgery on my back in June 2015 in the Dallas, TX metro area. From then on I never recovered my ability to walk properly. We moved to Surprise, AZ in April 2016. All this time I was getting worse, and the pain was worse than ever. Again, I saw a doctor who referred me to Dr. Michael Sumko at the Hedley clinic after x-rays were taken. Since that time meeting with Dr. Sumko, and him doing Rt. Hip Arthroplasty, my pain on that side is non-existent. And I am anticipating with great expectancy the left hip to be done by Dr. Sumko also. He has literally given me my life back. The mobility is returning, and I know it’s just a matter of time before I will “skip” down that office hall to report to him. After two years of being in pain, and not able to walk or do what I need to do, Dr. Sumko has restored that ability for me. I am eternally grateful, and have recommended him to some folks in need just as I was. May God bless Hedley Clinic, and Dr. Sumko richly. He is a shining star and a good person to know. Your light will shine bright for a long, long time.

– Melodee B.


After he reviewed the x-ray of my hip, Dr. MIchael Sumko told me that I needed a total hip arthroplasty and that I had waited much too long. My right hip had been bothering me for about 6 years, and I had seen a couple of Orthopedic Surgeons in Australia about 2 to 2.5 years ago. They said that I had end-stage arthritis in my knee and hip, but replacing them was a “quality of life” decision. The pain had been manageable while the hip deteriorated slowly for the past 5 years. This past year the deterioration of the hip and the associated pain exacerbated. Dr. Sumko told me that after the surgery that I would walk. I thought that sure, I will walk in spite of the pain from the incision. Well after having the surgery October 5, 2016, and awakening from the anesthesia, I walked and for the first time in 6 years, I walked pain-free. The pain associated with the incision was about 10% of the pain I have endured much of the past 6 years! Bravo Dr Sumko and the direct superior approach to hip replacement!

– David C.


I was on short term disability and being seen by another Pain Management doctor. Three epidurals later I was still in pain. I realized during this time of my life that some doctors are not the perfect fit. Decided to change doctors and went to Dr. Walter Damper and what a miracle he has been to me. My very first visit he examined my spine and realized why my pain was radiating in my hip and knee which I had explained to my previous doctor. Dr. Damper on my first visit gave me an injection in my knee and hip which relieved some of my pain. The next few weeks he did a sacroiliac joint injection in my low back which started to relieve more of my pain. Within a few weeks of these SI injections, I was back to work and feeling great and able to take my walks again. I highly recommend Dr. Walter Damper. I feel like he came into my life at the right time to help me get out of the tremendous pain I was in. To me, his bedside manner is wonderful and a true blessing as a doctor.

– Sandy K.


Back in 1980 I suffered a broken knee while working in a South American country. My knee was reconstructed using the technology that was available at the time in a third world country. As expected, the procedure did not go well. Over the decades I experienced increasing pain from arthritis. The pain got to the point that it became intolerable. Then on April 4th, 2016 I took the plunge and had Dr. MIchael Sumko perform a total knee replacement. I was impressed with the modern technology. I only spent one day in the hospital and was walking around a few hours after the surgery. Four days later I started rehab. After six weeks I obtained considerable mobility and now have a totally functional knee. I am very pleased with the outcome and impressed by Dr. Sumko’s bed side manners and his surgical skills. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs a total knee replacement.

– Cedric P.


After over a year of having trouble walking I saw Dr. MIchael Sumko. He replaced my right knee and I was good to go after 6 weeks! I can’t tell you what a change this has made in my life. I will be getting the other knee done so I can enjoy the lifestyle of hiking, biking, and the gym! I can’t praise Dr. Sumko enough for his bedside manner and skill as a surgeon.

– Adele U.


For the past year my mobility has gradually diminished to the point that I was unable to walk without assistance and then not able to walk at all. Suffering with excruciating pain, I met with Dr. Michael Sumko of the Hedley Ortho Group. After the initial consultation, I left knowing I was in good hands. Dr. Sumko was attentive and listened to my concerns. He was thorough in evaluating my situation. I was not your typical text book case for a hip replacement. Everything about my hip was a disaster!! I was bone on bone with bone fragments visible in the x-ray. My bones were worn down and miss-shaped. Dr. Sumko and I both knew this surgery would be difficult but agreed it needed to be done. Two days prior to my surgery I was admitted to the hospital. During this time Dr. Sumko listened to, and responded to the concerns my family had for my welfare. This has been a humbling experience for me. Not only am I grateful for Dr. Sumko’s skills as a surgeon, but for his ability to see and understand what needed to be done in difficult circumstances such as mine. He was confident, yet cautious in addressing my specific needs and as a result I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my surgery. It’s great to be walking pain free!

– Scott L.


Dr. Gough and Chris Bero, P.A., performed double hip replacements for me to which I am 100% satisfied with the results. I tolerated both surgeries without any complications whatsoever, the pain afterwards was minimal, and 6 weeks post-op on each hip with help of PT I am ready to hit the gym, and enjoy a quality of life that is life changing. I would recommend hip replacement with this group for eligible patients. My entire experience with Hedley has been super! I am very grateful to the surgical team and all of the X-ray professionals, nurses, and office management.

– Deb S.


Dr. Chow replaced both of my hips in the last two months. I am a 46 year old mom of two kids. I was walking on the day of surgery each time and have been amazed at the mobility I’ve attained so rapidly after both surgeries. I lived with osteoarthritis pain for so long and gradually went from being a runner, triathlete, skiier, hiker to a yogi, cyclist and swimmer to someone who could not walk, stand or sit. My little son would be my crutch to help me get around places. It was devastating and I feel like Dr Chow gave me my life back. I was always a very active, athletic person and the pain really became unbearable. I still can’t believe that he could take that pain away. How fortunate I am! My scars are tiny and beautiful. It has only been 11 days since my second surgery and I find myself crying a lot. People do not understand this, but I can only explain it with a metaphor: I feel like the person who climbs Everest or completes an Ironman and collapses at the summit or over the finish line – crying. I still have a ways to go with physical therapy before I will be able to do everything I dream about, but I am FOREVER grateful. It has been a very long and grueling ordeal to get here. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

– Alexandra A.


Thank you to Dr. Tim Bert and Hedley Orthopaedic for making the process of Hip Arthroscopy a (relatively) painless one! I am extremely happy with the level of care I have received from Dr. Bert, his MA Jennifer, and the additional office staff. He is extremely knowledgeable on hip labrum tears and FAI impingement, and incredibly skilled in this rather new corrective procedure. This surgery is technically difficult, and you NEED to have the best trained and skilled surgeon! I suffered for two years with hip pain and instability after the birth of my daughter, and after several rounds of PT, I decided to see if there was a structural reason for my pain. I was referred to Dr. Bert from my Physical Medicine physician, and I’m so happy he was my surgeon. He is up on the latest research with this technique, and his guidance has helped me to recover quickly from this surgery! His MA Jennifer answered all of my questions before and after surgery in an extremely efficient manner, which helped ease my mind as I was approaching surgery and in the days after. I am also very happy with the level of care I was given at St. Luke’s Medical Center’s surgical Orthopaedic unit, they are great! If you have a hip labrum tear and/or FAI impingement, Dr. Bert at Hedley Orthopaedic should be your first consult. I highly recommend him without reservation!

– Rachel C.


I had a total hip replacement a week and a day ago. I was walking (with a walker) the day of my surgery, and walking un-assisted the day after my surgery. At this point, i am walking without assistance. Dr. Anthony Hedley was my surgeon – I believe Dr. Hedley is the greatest orthopaedic surgeon ever! I was a little anxious going into the surgery – completely unnecessary! I am still having some pain – from the muscles only. There is no pain from the joint at all. The pain from the muscles will go away soon. As far as I’m concerned – there is no greater orthopaedic surgeon on this planet!

Stephen G.


Karl Baumgart, a 43-year-old Scottsdale resident, is a relative newcomer to the world of competitive cycling, only having his USAC racing license since May of 2013.
In just over two years, Karl has logged nearly 100 races, including big stage races such as Valley of the Sun, Arizona State Time Trial Championships, and USA Masters National Time Trial Championships.

His most recent and biggest success yet, however, was becoming a National champion by winning a gold medal, four silver medals, and the “Best All Around Rider” award at the 2015 USA Masters Track National Championship – just 10 months after a major hip replacement due to a chronic overuse injury.

Shocking? Yes. Admirable? An even bigger yes.

Baumgart’s inner-drive, combined with an innovative medical procedure performed by Brandon Gough, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon at Phoenix’s Hedley Orthopaedic Institute, is what put Baumgart back in the saddle just two short weeks after surgery.

Dr. Gough has extensive experience in hip and knee replacement surgery using micro-invasive surgical approaches as well as robotic surgery.

“The day after Baumgart won the Arizona State Team Time Trial Championship, Karl entered my operating room for a hip replacement,” said Dr. Gough. “This, however, just wasn’t any hip replacement; at Hedley Orthopaedic Institute, we pride ourselves in being one of the few practices in Arizona that offers the direct superior surgical hip approach.”

With this approach, Dr. Gough makes one small incision in the hip, which allows for adequate visualization and the proper placement of surgical components. In other words, the entire hip replacement leaves muscles and tendons undamaged, and the hip’s natural alignment intact. What’s even more fascinating about this procedure is that it’s done with low or no narcotics at all, and patients are often walking within four hours of surgery.

Click to View Karl Four Hours After Surgery


jane-legore“I led an active lifestyle in sports and dance for as long as I can remember and then took up running about 5 years ago where I enjoyed participating in 5K’s and 10K’s. In 2012, I started experiencing hip pain when I would go running or exercise and it progressively got worse to the point that even a short walk was painful. Being such an active person, I knew the pain wasn’t going to just go away and I needed to have it checked out. Once I consulted with Dr. Chow at Hedley Orthopaedic Institute, I knew I’d found the right doctor. Dr. Chow took the time to listen to me and took an interest in my need to continue to have an active lifestyle. In July 2012, Dr. Chow performed a total hip replacement on my right hip using the SuperPATH approach and it was life-changing! I was home from the hospital in less than 24 hours, driving on day 8 post surgery and on day 12 post surgery, I was back in the gym at a spin class. I couldn’t believe it, I was back on my feet in less than 2 weeks after a total hip replacement – it was amazing!! Soon after my surgery I purchased an ElliptiGO, which is an outdoor elliptical bicycle that combines the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer that gives a low-impact, high performance workout – perfect for me. Using the ElliptiGO, I completed a 100-mile bike event in a single day just 6 months after my total hip replacement and this past summer I participated in the 525-mile, 8-day California Coast Classic bike tour benefiting the Arthritis Foundation and I’m planning to participate again later this year. I’ve become a stronger endurance athlete since my surgery and I’m in better shape now than I was in my mid-20’s.Thank you Dr. Chow for giving me a second lease on a wonderful, active life!”

-Jane LeGore

Dr. Gough has given me back my mobility, and given me hope for a healthy future, and active retirement. Finding just the right doctor for my very challenging knee replacement, to say the least, was not an easy one. We drove from Las Vegas to Phoenix for a consulation with Dr. Gough. As soon as my wife and I had our first meeting with Dr. Gough, we knew he was the only person we could trust with this procedure. He is one of the most knowledgable, caring doctors I have ever met. Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Gough to anyone needing knee replacement surgery.

– Bruce R.

My husband had been struggling with a botched knee surgery for over 30 years, until we were introduced to Dr. Gough. Dr. Gough has given my husband his mobility back, he has given us hope for a healthy mobile future. Not only is Dr. Gough an amazingly knowledgeable surgeon, he is a caring compassionate man. His staff is also caring, compassionate, and well trained. Thank you for all you have given our Family.

– wife of Bruce R.

I had both hips replaced one month apart…due to complications from my own body I was off work an extra month.. BUT.. being the first major surgery in my life, I am extremely thankful to the entire team. Dr. Gough is an amazing surgeon and I thank him. I am as good as new!

– Deana M.


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